Rev. Adrian Odle
Minister In Charge
Rosalind Connell
Congregational Steward
My acceptance of a position as a Congregational Steward at Providence Methodist is a fulfilment of a silent promise I made to God that I would offer more of my time by giving voluntary service to the work of the Church when I retire from fulltime employment
Patrick Welch
Congregational Steware
Simply put, I believe that the gift of salvation is a call to service. To this end therefore, I have given myself
Linnel Nurse
Congregational Steward
Having been a member of Providence Methodist Church for over 45 years I decided to get involved. I thank God for giving me this talent to use in the church.
Susanna Holder
Congregational Steward
Hussein Brewster
Congregational Steward
Angela Brewster
Congregational Steward