My experience at Providence has been great! When I came to Barbados in mid-June 2016, I stayed at El Sol Sureno at the Barbados Golf Club. One day, I was walking around just to see the neighborhood and came across Providence.

As a Methodist, I was delighted to find a Methodist church to worship. During my first visit at Providence in July 2016, I was warmly welcomed by my brothers and sisters at Providence.

I knew from day one that we share the same love, compassion, humility, peace as we are one family in God. Providence has offered me the opportunity to remain faithful in our Almighty God, to continue to worship Him and to let His Holy Spirit fill my heart, transform me and empower me to serve Him more every day.

Brothers and Sisters, I am thankful for your prayers. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. May God continue to bless you all at Providence.


We are both  business owners and  at times  have some very hectic schedules.
Some years ago we decided that we needed to make an extra effort to attend church. We visited a number of churches  to find “the right  one.” We  visited Providence Methodist Church when we relocated to a nearby district and we were welcomed by the Providence family from the beginning.
It was at Providence that we made our commitment to God and found our church family. We look forward to continuing this journey and building a strong Church community with them.